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Cash Back

Cash Back for Those Who Serve Mission Statement 

My mission is to provide savings to both to those now active in the public service workforce, as well as those who are retired from working in public service to our nation or our community. 

Who qualifies for cashback?

Workforce heroes include but are not limited to:  military personnel, teachers, firefighters, peace officers, healthcare workers and others who have worked in public service to provide extraordinary services to the public every day. 

How much cash will you save?  I meet or exceed the cash incentives offered by other affinity programs such as USAA or Navy Federal Savings. I also extend those same military cash incentives to those not members of an affinity program; state employee or other credit union members, + any others who have worked in public service.  Cash back amounts are based on purchase or sale price of the property that you purchase.  Contact me for specifics- many area people qualify